Ever wanted to try something but didn’t know where to start? I might be able to help…
My goal is not to teach any language or what compiler is but to create a quick tips how to start.

Disclaimer – in no way I am claiming that I am showing the only or the right way to do things. There would be tons of different ways to accomplish the same thing. And many would claim there are better ways to do it and they would be right. I am just adding my two cents for piggy bank of Internet.

This quick start manual will however provide you with simple and highly effective tips that will enable you quickly start working and less time reading.

I am in not in any way stating that this is therefore the best way but I genuinely believe it is the simplest way to start – my intention is to keep all notes short and detailing only the basic and essential thing which would allow you to start.

You can find Computer books here.