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Vim Cheat Sheet
Vim for Emacs
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C++ Blogs

Fluent C++


Modernes C++

Simplify C++!

Herb Sutter on software development

The Old New Thing

Standard C++ Foundation

Compiler Explorer

Learn C++ by Yilmaz Yoru

C++ Tips of the Week

Dmitry Danilov’s Blog

Arthur O’Dwyer

C++ Stories


Andreas Fertig’s Blog


Microsoft Visual C++ Team Blog

C++ Conferences

  1. CppCon
  2. C++Now
  3. CoreC++ <local>
  4. NDC TechTown
  5. ACCU Autumn
  6. CPPP
  7. C++ Russia
  8. C++ North
  9. C++ India
  10. C++ on Sea
  11. Italian C++ Conference
  12. ADC++
  13. emBO++
  14. Cpp Europe
  15. Meeting C++
  16. C++ CoreHard